Norris Industries, Australia

Norris Industries is a respected Australian company manufacturing commercial dishwashers and glass washers.

Norris continues an aggressive research and development program to not only reduce water and energy usage but also to ensure a Norris glass washer lasts a life time.


  • Rapidly create what if studies to refine product range
  • Improve collaboration with design partners
  • Reduce impact of prototyping on production efficiencies
  • Reduce cost of prototyping

SolidWorks Benefits:

  • Eliminated of prototypes
  • Rapid creation of new design concepts
  • Reuse of data for improved productivity
  • Immediate productivity improvement upon completion of training
  • Intuitive interface and ease of use

“Since we started using SolidWorks we have eliminated 2 or 3 prototypes per design concept”

Tony Stewart
R&D Engineer

“SolidWorks is great! It encourages innovative thinking and reduces time consuming manual data creation.”

John Watts
Managing Director