Pellenc Australia

Pellenc Australia is a fully owned subsidiary of Pellenc, the French-based global viticulture equipment design and production company. Pellenc Australia specialises in the production of viticulture equipment for the Australian market, including homegrown products designed and manufactured in Australia and the adaptation of imported equipment for local growing conditions.


  • Creating prototypes in 2D was difficult and time consuming
  • Limited scope for research and development initiatives
  • Complexity of 2D design environment meant innovative ideas were not investigated
  • Difficulty communicating new products and concepts to customers and sales staff


  • Improvement in design cycle of 50 to 70 per cent using SolidWorks
  • The commercial potential of a product can be identified earlier in the development cycle
  • More advanced tools including design analysis and automation allow designers to focus on creating great products
  • “Virtual” models allow customers to look at a product from multiple angles and see how it works before production begins

“With SolidWorks and a design team of one we’ve been able to conceive, prototype and commercialise our products in approximately 18 months, which is one season. Previously designing and testing would have taken several seasons to complete.”

Frank O’Riley
Product Development Engineer
Pellenc Australia