Precision, New Zealand

Precision, formerly Audeo Group, designs and manufactures commercial office furniture. The company specialises in workstations, storage and screen systems, filing cabinets, racking and shelving for commercial and industrial clients . Precision won a bronze award at the 2007 BeST Design Awards for its Adapt Screen System.

When Precision merged its operations with Optim in 2006, the company chose to equip its entire design team with SolidWorks. Precision had employees already using SolidWorks and recognised the long-term viability of the software as it was becoming an industry standard in New Zealand.


  • Design errors passed down the production line
  • Poor-quality 2D drawings and models
  • Inflexible sheet metal design
  • Presenting design ideas to clients in 2D limiting confidence in concepts.
  • Finding skilled design and engineering personnel to design products

SolidWorks Benefits:

  • Accuracy of designs dramatically reduces costly delays in production
  • Time taken to produce products reduced from weeks to days
  • Automatic production of sheet metal templates from 3D models
  • 3D designs and rendering means clients can see realistic representations of products
  • Specialised training and support from Intercad ensures staff are up-to-speed in a minimum of time

“SolidWorks gives us flexibility with our staff and has increased the skills we have in-house. Our sheet metal personnel no longer need a lifetime of experience to design and manufacture sheet metal components. After a few months of using SolidWorks they can design accurate components without having to know the size of the sheet of metal or measurements of the pattern.”

Neil McGowan
Product Development Manager