Quadro Design, Australia

An innovative West Australian Company offering design and drafting solutions for the fabrication industry. Specialty is extremely rapid design, development and fabrication of machines, materials handling equipment and skid mounted plant


  • Reduce time required for fabrication, and number of errors created by misread drawings.
  • Reduce the time required to generate new designs
  • Reduce the risk of design errors
  • Prevent the miscommunication of complex, innovative engineering concepts, and keep clients informed of project status


  • Intercad provided facilities that has allowed them to:
  • Quickly produce more comprehensive, accurate documentation for fabrication
  • Quickly recycle existing/previous designs by modifying them, and make changes to the design at all stages of the process
  • Link the components on an assembly together so that changes to one are propagated to all the dependant parts.
  • Easily present engineering arrangements in a format that is obvious to even the layperson.

“I was able to do in 3 days what I could not do in 3 weeks. I just could not create the geometry with my old system.”

“I purchased in September 1996. By the end of January I had done two curved intersecting conveyors for Boral, and a job for ANI, and it had paid for itself.”

Jack DeBlank