Team Poly Pty Ltd, Australia

Established in 1991, Team Poly is the largest Rotational Moulding Company in the Southern Hemisphere. TP produce products for the agricultural, marine & automotive industry, specializing in large moulded parts (up to 4m).


  • Create data that can be used in every stage of the Industrial Design process, from concept to production, reducing design cycle time.
  • Allow collaboration between several users.
  • Design plastic & sheet metal parts that can be easily modified when required.

SolidWorks Benefits:

  • Allows professional presentation of product concepts for management approval.
  • Render products for the entire catalogue.
  • Parametric Models allow for easy tweaking of designs.
  • Sheet metal software allows patterns too be generated for laser cutting of complex parts.
  • Design configurations can be easily modified after FEA testing.
  • Toolbox items save time and reduce errors in the design process.
  • Simple intuitive user interface

“SolidWorks has more than halved our product development time and allows professional visualisation of the finished product for promotional purposes and approval.”

Tim Hemer
Industrial Designer, Team Poly