Webinar: Plastics Multiple Cavities and Runner Balancing

Discover how SOLIDWORKS Plastics offers a runner balancing tool. Using the runner balancing tool, the user can vary multiple runner segments and find out if the runner parameters fill up all the cavities at the same time.

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  • Triple Eight’s Champion 2016 Season

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    Shane van Gisbergen has taken first place in the V8 Supercars Championship…

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  • Thomsen Motorsport: Project FVT05 Part 1 & 2

    15/11/2016 | intercad

    Simon Thomsen is undertaking the design and construction of a Formula Vee vehicle (FVT05) using SOLIDWORKS …

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  • We’re actively hiring people already trained in SOLIDWORKS, which is important given that it’s the standard 3D platform for our industry

    Lorenzo Haupt

    General Manager,

  • One of the things that attracted us to SolidWorks is the ability to customise the software with additional functions, and the audit from Intercad helped us tailor the package to exactly what we required. In addition, we needed to get up-to-speed on the software quickly. Intercad’s engineers fast tracked that learning curve through the sharing of their expertise

    David Cauchi

    Race Engineer Car 1,
    Triple Eight Race Engineering - the design team behind Red Bull Racing Australia.

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